Is it time to get a coach?

Are you feeling a bit stuck?

VOTV life coaches are in the business of transformation. Which means we help you move from being “stuck” to free.  If you’ve reached a point where you are confused about what you want or who you are, it’s time to bring a VOTV coach into your life!

Are you in toxic relationships?

If you’re looking to break out of toxic relationships that you seem to continually be in, the expert guidance of a transformational coach can give you the awareness and assurance you need to take the necessary steps to freedom.

Is your self-confidence suffering?

Learning to assert yourself may have been out of the question in the past, but your strong-minded and supportive coach is with you as you take risks that make your life better. They’ll stay right by your side as you gather the experience you need to believe in yourself and become more self-confident.

Do you need to love and care for yourself more?

If your view of yourself is low, the tender, non-judgmental acceptance of a VOTV coach can be the right move for a life shift. Your coach can help you see the intrinsic value you have and how your negative thoughts are destroying you. Perfectionism and shame can be confronted, while you begin accepting the woman that you are. The process takes time and compassion, which your coach has for you!

Are you stressed?

If you’re stressed or frustrated because you find yourself doing things on your own, without any support, we are here for you. Your energy level can be increased, and burnout prevented by having support in achieving your goals and standing firm in your priorities. Not only will your coach shed light onto your path, but they can also show you relaxation and grounding techniques to help you manage stress.

Are you waiting until the last minute or not following through things?

Do you need someone to keep you accountable? Do you downplay the importance of your responsibilities? Having someone remind you to finish what you have started and to stay on track by creating micro-goals is a game changer.

Do you doubt yourself?

Being unsure about yourself or what you’re capable of can cause doubt about your purpose and abilities. However, a VOTV coach can work with you on gaining clarity and believing in yourself. You can even grow in confidence, assertiveness, and emotional strength. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

– If you answered yes to any of the above –

You need a VOTV coach! Not sugar-coating it, reaching your goals takes discipline, action, and it calls for getting things done timely. But, your VOTV coach won’t let you go it alone and will keep you moving forward!



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