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Have you had a moment when you felt your life would never be the same?

Were you left feeling deeply hurt or emotionally scarred?

If you've experienced emotional, verbal, sexual, spiritual, or physical abuse - you know those moments can leave your heart and mind wounded. But, facing the effects left behind can help you find the healing you deserve.

Detrimental Patterns

Our program is all about transformation. This means we can help you move from

being “stuck” to finding freedom.  

Toxic Relationships

We know. It hurts. We’ve been there too.

If you’re continually in toxic relationships we can offer you the awareness and encouragement

you need to take the necessary steps to build healthy relationships.

Low Self-Confidence

When you're ready to stand up for yourself and take care of your own needs,

Village of the Valley is here to help.


Shame & Perfectionism

If your view of yourself is low, the non-judgmental atmosphere we offer can be a breath of fresh air. Perfectionism and shame can be confronted, while you begin accepting who you are. 


Achieving your goals requires caring for yourself. We can help you learn self-care strategies to ease your stress and frustrations while working on your goals.


Avoidance & Procrastination

Do you need someone to keep you accountable? Our coaches help you stay on track and finish what you have started. Don't do it alone.


Self Doubt & Sabotage

Being unsure of your capabilities can cause doubt about your goals and purpose. However, our program will work with you on gaining clarity and believing in yourself. You can grow in confidence, assertiveness, and emotional strength. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, we encourage you to consider our program services. Not sugar-coating it, reaching your goals and healing takes discipline, action, and it calls for getting things done timely. But, you won’t go it alone and we will keep you moving forward!

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