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Brandi Powell, CLC

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Founder & Transformational Coach

Jenny Rathkey

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Governing Board Secretary

Chelsea Schmitz

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Governing Board Treasurer

Lori Foust

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Governing Board Member

Sharon Frye

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Governing Board Member

Debbie Burson

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Support Group Coach

Carla Eunice, CLC

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Transformational Life Coach


Our Herstory

In 2017, Brandi Powell was looking for clarity on how to serve the women in her community who've survived abuse. 


It wasn’t until Brandi heard the story of Christine, a Ugandan woman suffering from fear and grief over her community being ravaged by death due to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Christine knew she must act, or she would lose even more of the people she loved. With no mental health care for thousands of miles, she looked for others who would sit and talk together about the pain they were living in, hoping for healing.

They met every week for what became a grief recovery group. People opened up and started healing through sharing their stories. They also were determined to understand the deadly virus and to begin educating themselves and others in the village on how to prevent its spread. Remarkably, the rate of infection DECREASED. 


Like Christine, Brandi knew she had to create change with the women in her community who had no network of support. Brandi began utilizing her Life Coaching certification by writing a coaching curriculum and studying the how to of building an organization. Women came forward and VOTV was born.


Since that time, VOTV has evolved into this dynamic nonprofit that continues to grow and thrive. 


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