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Meet The Team


Brandi Powell, CLC

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Founder & CEO

Certified Transformational Coach

"Since 2011, I have been a source of unwavering support for women on their path to healing. My approach is straightforward yet compassionate communication, empowering women to become a confident and fierce coach for themselves. My mission is to guide women towards a fulfilled life; achieving their goals and living their best lives."


Debbie Burson, CLC

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Certified Transformational Coach

"My area of focus is a heart-centered approach to uncovering a client's authentic self. I offer compassion, empathy, and encouragement as the foundation of my coaching process. I have a collection of heart-shaped rocks, many of which are used as a grounding technique for small group participants and as a sending gift for each graduate."

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Carla Sciarrone, CLC

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Certified Transformational Coach


"I am a 2019 VOTV graduate who has gone on to become a certified Transformational Life Coach and joined the VOTV Team in 2020. My favorite part of working with VOTV is witnessing my clients’ courage and hard work as they pursue their authentic selves."


Robin Neumann, CLC

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Certified Transformational Coach

"As a Certified Transformation Coach and VOTV graduate, I personally know the power these tools have to change lives exponentially for the better.  When one woman is changed, her children and families are changed as a result.  

I am passionate about helping women discover their God-given value so that they can live a confident, free, and beautifully impactful life."


Jenny Rathkey

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Governing Board Chairwoman

"I graduated from the program in 2022 feeling more empowered with the tools and strategies to face life’s challenges and with a better awareness of myself and others. I will continue to support the VOTV programs and all the brave women who are part of this amazing community." 


Aubrey Fry

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Governing Board Secretary

"I graduated from the VOTV program in 2019 and have volunteered with Village of the Valley ever since. I became a governing board member in 2023. I am endlessly inspired by our clients, and I am a lifelong learner of the tools and techniques to continue my healing journey and be a source of support

or others in my community."


Kara Milloy

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Governing Board Treasurer

"I am a 2022 program graduate. I am an Evolutionary Astrologer and Transformational Coach with my company Thrivuary. I enjoy learning about regenerative agriculture and traveling." 


Kathi Willeford

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Governing Board Member

"I am a survivor and thriver. I am moving through a Plan B life with purpose and intent. I graduated from the program in 2020 while in the midst of a pandemic.

I love to read, dialog, write, and encourage others to pursue what creates a genuine life."

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